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Welcome to the Literature category of this year's Art of the Horse!

Displayed in this portion of the gallery are our literature entries. Participants were asked to write a poem, short story, or other piece of prose between 500 and 6,000 words long that would be translated onto a Traditional-sized model.

Congratulations to everyone involved!

We love being able to see our customers' creativity, and we are blown away by all your submissions.


Short Stories, Poems, Prose

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by Jessica Verhey

This poem is about how I met my friend Harry, who is a lesson horse at the barn I work at. It is about how he and I became the duo we are today.

Big Blue

by Gemma Schena

I'm an English teaching major, my intentions were to create a piece I could potentially turn into a children's book in the future! It's written in my perspective, as someone who loves horses but could never have one of my own. I hope it resonates with children who have big dreams.

Mitten the Pony

by Courtney Claus

The poem is about a young girl and her new pony, Mitten. The setting is winter so she may have received the pony for Christmas but I left that open for interpretation.

Just As I Am

by Crystal Pomposo

Story of a broken little girl learning to "fly" through the love of a horse. Her father coming to accepting her just as she is.

Snippy Loses a Shoe

by Angie McPherson

This story is a fantasy children's book of my actual horse, Snippy, and what would happen if he lost his shoe and his barn friends helped him find it.

A Horse, A Dog, and Me

by Patricia Mueller

Country rides with my horse Stardust and my dog Brutus when I was a teen.

To Draw A Horse

by Christine Yan

This is my own personal tribute to the art of the horse in all its beauty, courage and creativity, whatever form it might take. Horses inspire; to draw a horse is to become part of it in all its boundless energy and capacities.

Incarnate Goddess

by Lindsey Pizzulo

This is a short story showing how the divine feminine presence entered the world through a Bedouin legend involving the an Arabian horse named Aiysha.

In the Future Wild Horses

by Mary Ann Johnston

Short story of a small herd of wild horned horses in the future.

By Moon's Light

by Chantelle Flores

"By Moon's Light" showcases the strength and determination found in both horse and rider. Through the character of Moon, a blind horse, the idea that blind horses can live equally satisfying and happy lives is also emphasized against opposing stereotypes. As someone who is no longer able to ride due to health issues, writing stories featuring horses and equestrians remains my way of connecting with a hobby I've always admired.

The Red Mare

by Anna Rieck

My poem depicts the tale of a red bay Arabian mare. As she runs through the endless sands she reminisces about her past being captive and her escape into the desert. The end of the poem describes how she founded a herd of all red bay Arabians in the desert.


by Jill Webb

Thirteen-year-old Jess is in Ireland with her father as he tried out horses for his clients to purchase. Jess falls in love with a particular Irish Draught gelding, but they're not there to buy her a new horse.

The Old Bay Mare

by Lauri Barnwell

Short poem about how kind and gentle horse can be.

The Beauty After the Storm

by Katie Breneman

This is a short story I have written not only because I thought it was a fun idea but also to convey the struggles we all handled in 2020 and to talk about the hope in this new year. I have written this piece solely for the AotH contest and hope readers enjoy! I am not a professional writer by any means but I hope this brings joy to others like I had joy in writing it.

Aging Prancer

by Brooke Southgate

This poem was inspired by a carousel I visited as a child and the slow changes that occurred over the years. The beautiful horses became worn and faded, but they continued to delight the children (and me). I chose the villanelle structure for the circular way the lines repeat as representative of the turning carousel, but I deviated slightly in the adjective describing the white horse to demonstrate how it is aging as the cycle continues. The form of the poem emphasizes the subject, which is why I love highly structured poetry.

I understand that a carousel horse is itself an artistic representation of a horse that it is a risk to use that as the focus of my work. However, I have seen the lovely roses and ribbons on other custom models that I was confident you could make a beautiful carousel model, even without the pole.


by Robin Scarborough

Narrative of a model horse's existence as seen from the model's point of view.

The Solar Mare

by Melissa Clegg

Description of a horse in a field at sunset.

Don't Pet the Pretty Horses

by Sam Slattery

This poem is a cautionary tale about the kelpie, a creature from Celtic mythology. The poem is told from the point of view of a ghost trying to warn people away.

Three Yellow Horses

by Connie Knotts

This is my interpretation of the painting The Little Yellow Horses by Franz Marc.

The Partially True Encounter of an Andalusian Encounter

by Tiffany Mapel

This is a story intended to promote visualization and imagination. And of course, the magic of horses.