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2021 Finalists

We at The Peter Stone Company are honored to present to you our 2021 Art of the Horse Finalists!

Make sure you click the link below to view the sample models that were created based on these pieces.

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Drawing & Painting

ScarboroughRobin_Elusive - Robin Scarbor


Created by Robin Scarborough

Digital Illustration

Elusive: the rare and seldom seen Peacock Appaloosa


Created by Elizabeth Whiteman

Digital Illustration

The intention behind my piece is to portray the tranquility horses bring us. I expressed this by painting a gentle giant, with soft blue ribbons and a kind face.

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Phariss Sacha Secret Garden - Sacha Phar

The Secret Garden

Created by Sacha Phariss

Acrylic Paint on Acrylic Glass

Secret Garden is based of a several different memory's I have but the mane one is light coming from the woods outside my house as a girl I remember it was dreamy light swirling though the trees as if there was a secret land on the other side of those trees it was so peaceful and warm just a beautiful memory. Anyway I am sure you get the idea.




These Pieces Make Me Whole

Written by Stefanie Simoni


I wanted this poem to reflect the bond that one can share with their horse, and show that sometimes there are deeper meanings behind how we act, or feel, or relate to someone else (whether equine or human). When we take the time to actually listen to our horses, everything falls into place more easily than if it's forced. And the special kind of understanding that goes along with it is important to both the horse and rider.

Big Blue

Written by Gemma Schena


I'm an English teaching major, my intentions were to create a piece I could potentially turn into a children's book in the future! It's written in my perspective, as someone who loves horses but could never have one of my own. I hope it resonates with children who have big dreams.

The Partially True Story of an Andalusian Encounter

Written by Tiffany Mapel

Short Story

This is a story intended to promote visualization and imagination. And of course, the magic of horses.




Any Equestrian's Dream

Created by Trinity Honaker

Short Film

Any Equestrian's Dream is about the fact that no matter who you are, every equestrian would love to have a model horse done after their horse. In my short film I show my Peter Stones coming together to figure out how to bring my real life horse Catcher home as a model horse! Catcher is definitely my dream model horse!


The Abserdities of Painting: A Happy Little Accident

Created by Ellie Figment

Short Film

If Charlie Chaplin and Bob Ross could combine their artistic talents and create a movie, this definitely wouldn't be it. Abserd attempts to teach Butters the "joy of painting" while attempting to create a "model" masterpiece.


The Little Green Prince

Created by Dawnson Hamill

Short Film

I created this video to depict my dream model in a way that told a story using my favorite method of story telling -- stop motion. This video gave me the chance to challenge myself by using non-posable figures to tell a story.

I created the props, artwork, and animations. It was especially rewarding to work with a variety of mediums, from sculpting and painting the props and art, to the photography and lighting, and the technology of animation and audio.

I chose to present my favorite fairy-tale in a retelling that fit the vision of my dream horse. In the end, the Frog Prince and Princess come together for their Hoppily Ever After, giving life to their heir, a princely foal with aspects of a frog.

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